Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke Logan - Steffy Forrester
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'Bold and the Beautiful' Rumors': Steffy Gets on Brooke's Good Side?

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Bold and the Beautiful rumors suggest Steffy Forrester will get on Brooke Logan's good side. This is after she exposed Thomas Forrester's scheme without hesitation.

Steffy decides to do the right thing by revealing Brooke's innocence, even if it costs her parents' future together. Considering her eagerness to get Brooke out of their lives for good, it is an unexpected move.

Steffy helping Brooke clear her name could have major implications on Bold and the Beautiful. Will they team up against Thomas?

Brooke Thankful to Steffy?

Brooke Logan and Steffy Forrester are finally on the same page about Thomas Forrester. The two women both realize that the dressmaker hasn't really changed at all.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Brooke will find out about the truth from Ridge Forrester. She'll likely learn about Steffy's role in it as well.

If it weren't for Steffy speaking up, Brooke would've lost her "destiny" for good. Ridge and Taylor would've proceeded with their wedding had Steffy not revealed the truth in time.

Bold and the Beautiful rumors suggest Brooke will be grateful to Steffy for what she did. Although she didn't directly do it for Brooke, she still helped her clear her name.

Brooke and Steffy don't always have an amicable relationship. Both ladies are very open about their dislike of each other. But all that might change in an instant on B&B.

Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke Logan
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Steffy's Change of Tune?

It's no secret that Steffy Forrester is not very fond of her stepmother. The same goes for Brooke Logan.

That said, many were surprised when Steffy seemingly changed her tune about Brooke. Perhaps Steffy was just really against the idea of Ridge and Taylor being together because of a lie.

Or maybe Steffy really felt guilty and sorry for Brooke. She knows she's innocent, and it's not fair for her to suffer the consequences of something she didn't do.

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Forrester
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Will Steffy and Brooke Team Up on Bold and the Beautiful?

Steffy Forrester and Brooke Logan have not come face-to-face after the botched wedding. What will happen when they encounter each other?

Bold and the Beautiful speculation suggests the two could team up against Thomas Forrester. They both want him to pay for his scheme. What better way to do that than to work together?

Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester
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Steffy teaming up with Brooke could be a big slap in the face for Thomas, especially since they share the same hate for her. B&B spoilers tease that Steffy will vow to make Thomas suffer the consequences of his despicable act.

Will she go to extremes and form an alliance with Brooke? Thomas' world is definitely crashing down on Bold and the Beautiful.

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