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'Bold and the Beautiful' Daily Spoilers (November 13-17, 2023)

Bold and the Beautiful: Li Finnegan - Poppy Nozawa

Bold and the Beautiful recap for the week of November 6-10, 2023:

Steffy gives Sheila payback for shooting her. Ridge demands answers about Eric's illness. Liam makes a confession to Bill.

Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge Forrester - Eric Forrester

B&B Daily Spoilers (November 13-17):

Liam lays his love on the line to Steffy.

Deacon makes a heartfelt request to Finn.

Ridge shares the truth about Eric with Steffy and Thomas.

Li confronts Poppy.

Check out Bold and the Beautiful daily spoilers from November 13-17, 2023.

Bold and the Beautiful: Deacon Sharpe - Finn Finnegan

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Monday, November 13:

Liam Spencer is not one to shy away from expressing his love for Steffy Forrester. This week, he bluntly tells her to leave Finn Finnegan and choose him instead.

Bold and the Beautiful: Liam Spencer - Steffy Forrester

Li Finnegan and Poppy Nozawa deal with their decades-long feud. Will the sisters finally reconcile?

Bold and the Beautiful: Li Finnegan - Poppy Nozawa

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday, November 14:

Luna Nozawa encourages her mother to stand up to his aunt. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Li is adamant about keeping them away from the Forresters. But why?

Bold and the Beautiful: Luna Nozawa - Poppy Nozawa

Steffy and Thomas Forrester are shocked to learn the truth about Eric Forrester. The siblings worry about their grandfather, whose condition continues to get worse.

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Forrester - Thomas Forrester

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday, November 15:

Thomas finds it hard to accept Eric's imminent death. Meanwhile, Brooke, Donna, and Katie Logan band together as they tell Hope Logan about the devastating news. Will Thomas and Hope find solace in each other amid this trying time?

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan - Thomas Forrester

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Thursday, November 16:

Luna and RJ appear to be getting serious about their relationship. This week, Steffy invites the two for dinner, eager to meet her brother's special friend. Will they get along?

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Forrester

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers Friday, November 17:

Thomas stands his ground with Brooke about Hope. Bold and the Beautiful daily spoilers say he insists his feelings for her are genuine and that their families should stay out of their business.

Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester


Steffy questions Luna's true feelings for RJ. Will she approve of her once she finds out about her secret?

Bold and the Beautiful: Luna - RJ Forrester

Liam is hurt when he sees how serious Thomas and Hope's romance is. Will he regret leaving his wife?