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'Bold and the Beautiful' Daily Spoilers (July 10 to 14, 2023)

Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor Hayes - Hope Logan

Here's a quick look at Bold and the Beautiful daily spoilers from July 10 to 14, 2023:

Hope Logan goes all out with Thomas Forrester.

Deacon Sharpe walks down memory lane.

Sheila Carter gets betrayed anew.

Brooke Logan makes a shocking discovery.

Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester - Hope Logan



Bold and the Beautiful Daily Spoilers

Monday, July 10:

Sheila Carter gets a surprise visit from Deacon Sharpe. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say the nine-toed villain is happy to see her former flame despite his betrayal.

Deacon feels genuinely remorseful for helping Bill Spencer put Sheila in jail. He wants to apologize and make sure that she doesn't hate him. But spoilers for the week suggest he'll do something that could end things with her for good.

Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila Carter
Wyatt Spencer attempts to be Liam Spencer's voice of reason again. He tries to convince his brother that ending his marriage with Hope Logan is not the best solution to their issues. Will he listen?

Speaking of Hope, she makes a major move that could change things for good with Liam. Will she come to regret it later?

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan

Tuesday, July 11:

Bold and the Beautiful spoiler for Tuesday reveal Hope Logan explores her feelings for Thomas Forrester. Now that Liam Spencer is determined to end their marriage, there's no stopping her from going all out with Steffy Forrester's brother.

Also, this week, Hope makes a symbolic move when she takes off her wedding ring. She then proceeds to have sex with Thomas. Are they ready to go public and make things official?

B&B: Thomas Forrester - Hope Logan

Meanwhile, Deacon Sharpe walks down memory lane with Sheila Carter. There's no doubt that he has true feelings for her. But are the risks of being in love with her worth it?

B&B: Sheila Carter - Deacon Sharpe

Wednesday, July 12:

On Wednesday, the fate of a damaged relationship is left in one person's hands. Meanwhile, Hope Logan experiences an awakening. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say she realizes that Liam Spencer does not give him the same grace she afforded to him in the past. This makes her question his love.

Hope also feels like Steffy Forrester has always been the third party in their marriage. Imagine her reaction when she finds out that Liam kissed her twice recently.

Bold and the Beautiful: Liam Spencer

Thursday, July 13:

Bold and the Beautiful daily spoilers for Thursday reveal Brooke Logan discovers the unthinkable. Perhaps she'll find out that Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester just take their relationship to the next level. 

Meanwhile, Ridge Forrester has a new inspiration. Is it his renewed romance with Brooke or someone else?

Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke Logan

Friday, July 14:

On Friday, history repeats itself for Sheila Carter. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say her long-awaited trial begins, but it'll bring surprises and betrayal.

Will Deacon Sharpe decide to cut ties with her for good and cooperate with the police? Deacon knows that being associated with Sheila, either in the past or future, could jeopardize his new life. How will Sheila handle his latest betrayal?

B&B: Sheila Carter

Bold and the Beautiful Early Editions Spoilers (July 17 to 21, 2023): 

Hope makes a decision that changes everything.

Sheila's long-awaited trial brings surprises and betrayal.