Bold and the Beautiful: Douglas Forrester - Liam Spencer
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'B&B' Spoilers: Douglas Takes Center Stage – Selfish Liam Rages?

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Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease an epic closing of Hope of the Future fashion show. Thomas Forrester and Hope Logan impressed the crowd and their families with their latest collection.

However, not everyone's happy about "Thope's" success. Liam Spencer made it very clear that he would not support or acknowledge Thomas' success. Despite Hope's pleas, he had second thoughts about attending the event. Will drama ensue on the runway?

Liam and Hope's Backstage Drama on Bold and the Beautiful

Liam Spencer couldn't take it any longer and let it all out on Hope Logan. The worried husband confronted his wife moments before her and Thomas Forrester's fashion show.

Hope wanted Liam's presence at the event. However, he couldn't stomach seeing Thomas live out his fantasy with his wife. Of course, this left Hope hurt and disappointed. She begged her husband to return to hating Thomas the next day and just be there for her on her big day.

Then, Douglas Forrester came in and ran straight to his mother for a hug, ignoring Liam. He expressed how excited he was for his mom and dad, making Liam feel even worse on Bold and the Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful: Douglas Forrester - Liam Spencer - Hope Logan
Pic credit: CBS

Douglas Steals the Show

Further Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Douglas Forrester will take center stage during his parents' fashion show. Rumor has it that Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester will share their success with their son on stage.

Hope will likely bring Douglas up on the runway as she and Thomas close the show. B&B spoilers tease the boy will wrap his arms around his parents. The audience will cheer, and photographers' flashes will go off.

Liam might be there to witness the special moment. Given his opinion about Thomas, it will likely not sit well with him. He could even be jealous seeing the three beaming with joy on stage.

The same goes for Brooke Logan. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest she will become more concerned. Will she and Liam comfort each other?

Bold and the Beautiful: Douglas Forrester
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Liam Rages?

Additional B&B spoilers for the week tease that Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester will head to the Forrester mansion after the fashion show. The pair will celebrate their big success sans Liam Spencer.

Hope will be over the moon with the massive success of the event. She'll also credit Thomas for all his hard work for the line. Will it reignite his obsession with her?

Bold and the Beautiful: Liam Spencer
Pic credit: CBS

Further Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Friday reveal Brooke and Liam will come to terms with a difficult truth. Perhaps the two will be forced to accept that Thomas will always be part of Hope's life.

Liam recently issued an ultimatum to Hope. He wants her to convince Douglas to come home as soon as the fashion show wraps up. Will Hope grant her husband's request? Or will Liam be the first to give up on B&B?

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