Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor Hayes - Brooke Logan
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'B&B' Speculation: Brooke and Taylor Double Back on Ridge?

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Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes put on a united front amid Ridge Forrester's waffling. It seems the two ladies are tired of the dressmaker's back and forth, so they're taking action.

After the botched wedding, Ridge decided to take some time to weigh his options. Of course, he's expected to choose between Taylor and Brooke sooner or later.

But in an unexpected twist, the rivals set aside their issues and came up with a decision. How will Ridge react on B&B?

Taylor and Brooke New BFFs?

It looks like Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes are ready to throw in the towel. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for December 12 to 16 reveal that they will put an end to their rivalry — at least for now.

Brooke and Taylor will come to an agreement about Ridge Forrester. After the truth about the CPS call was exposed, things were never the same for the two ladies.

And while they're still far from being besties, it's refreshing to see them not bickering for once. B&B preview for the week shows Brooke and Taylor coming together to face Ridge.

They will ask if he's already made up his mind about who he's going to choose. But before Ridge could even give an answer, Brooke and Taylor would drop a bomb on him.

Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor Hayes - Brooke Logan
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Brooke and Taylor Stun Ridge

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for December 12 to 16 hint at a big decision from Taylor Hayes and Brooke Logan. Apparently, they're on the same page about their next course of action regarding Ridge Forrester.

Added B&B spoilers note that Brooke and Taylor agree to accept and respect Ridge's decision. Perhaps the ladies are tired of going against each other and will just let him choose on his own.

Maybe Taylor and Brooke will no longer try to influence Ridge's decision. After all, it didn't turn out well the last time he was encouraged to make a choice.

Ridge will likely be stunned by this decision. For the longest time, he's been used to Brooke and Taylor fighting for him. Will this help him make the right decision on Bold and the Beautiful?

Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge Forrester
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Who Will He Choose?

Or maybe Brooke Logan and Taylor Hayes will finally realize enough is enough. Will they tell Ridge Forrester to hit the road?

At this point, there's no telling who Ridge will pick. While some think he belongs with Brooke, others believe it's time for him to be with Taylor.

Ridge will have to make up his mind soon. Although Brooke and Taylor claim they will respect his decision, it's still inevitable that they will get their feelings hurt on Bold and the Beautiful.

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