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'B&B' Shocker: Finn Alive and Recovering – Steffy Leaving To See Him?

Bold And The Beautiful rumors have been running rampant. Fans are convinced that John "Finn" Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) is alive. The CBS soap has given several hints that he survived being shot by Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). 

Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda ) is a central figure in the conspiracy theory that Finn did not succumb to his wounds.She was very angry at Sheila in the hospital and did not seem to be grieving her son. 

Also, Li kept speaking of Finn in the present tense. Finally, she was adamant that Sheila could not see Finn's body for a final goodbye. The last time Finn was seen was when he was being loaded into the ambulance. What if Finn was revived on his way to the hospital? 

Bold And The Beautiful spoilers for the week of May 23 to 27 reveal Li will visit Steffy at the cliff house. Will she provide more clues that Finn is alive on Bold And The Beautiful?

Bold and the Beautiful: Li Finnegan

Pic credit: CBS

B&B: Finn Alive?

Li will be furious to learn that Sheila murdered her son. However, Li will not be surprised. She will allege that Sheila was acting suspiciously in the hospital. That was the reason Li refused to let Sheila see Finn's body. 

On the other hand, Li may have been protecting Finn from his dangerous birth mother. Perhaps Finn was able to tell Li that Sheila shot him. Then Li would have wanted to keep Finn far away from Sheila.

Finn sustained life-threatening wounds, but Li has the skills and the means to oversee his recovery. After all, Li is a trained physician. Finn may have lapsed into a coma himself and was unable to come home to Steffy. 

B&B and SINN fans refused to accept that Finn died in that alley, and it looks like they were right. Spoilers signify that the Soap Opera Digest summer spoiler edition reveals that Finn is alive. Not much has been revealed about the shocking plot twist, but fans are definitely delighted about this.

Now that Sheila is sitting in prison, will Li disclose the truth on Bold And The Beautiful?

Bold and the Beautiful: Finn Finnegan

Pic credit: CBS

Will Steffy Go to Finn on Bold and the Beautiful?

Steffy will look to Li for closure in the upcoming week. The two women will reminisce about Finn. 

Steffy may want to plan a memorial service for her husband. Will Li go along with the idea? It is not likely that Li will let on that Finn is alive on this visit. 

B&B spoilers for the week of May 23 to 27 imply that Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) will support Steffy as she grieves her husband. Later in the week, Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) will support Steffy as she mourns.

Bold and the Beautiful: Finn Finnegan - Steffy Forrester

Pic credit: CBS

Steffy may learn the truth in the weeks ahead. Li may wait until she is sure that Sheila is no longer a threat. Finn may recover enough to crash his own funeral. 

Finn and Steffy may want to leave town to recuperate. That would coincide with Jacqueline MacInnes Wood's maternity leave. 

Or Steffy could learn Finn is on the mend away from Los Angeles. Steffy could pack up the kids and go to Finn's side. Either way, Steffy could get a happy ending on Bold And The Beautiful.