Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester - Ridge Forrester
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'B&B' Rumors: Will Thomas Be Estranged From the Forresters?

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Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease Thomas Forrester's world is crashing down. After his CPS call debacle, things will likely not be the same for him.

For one, his family is extremely disappointed in him. They thought he was a changed man, but his latest act proved otherwise.

Steffy Forrester has been very vocal about her disgust with Thomas. The same goes for Ridge Forrester. Will they teach him a lesson and cut him off from the family on B&B?

Thomas Disappoints on Bold and the Beautiful?

Thomas Forrester has disappointed his family again, and this time, he may be unable to redeem himself. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for November 28 to December 2 reveal his secret will be exposed in the worst way possible.

Steffy Forrester couldn't hold her peace and blurted out the truth just before Ridge and Taylor exchanged their "I do's." As much as she wants her parents to be together, she doesn't want it to happen because of a lie.

Naturally, Ridge will feel betrayed. B&B spoilers tease the dressmaker will have some choice words for his son. He defended him from doubtful people, especially Brooke Logan. But now it seems all his efforts were for nothing.

Taylor Hayes will be very disappointed in her son too. It might hit her harder, considering she's a psychiatrist and doesn't see the signs on Thomas.

Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester - Ridge Forrester
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Steffy Wants Revenge?

But it seems Steffy Forrester is more eager to make Thomas Forrester pay the price of his despicable act. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that she will vow to make her brother suffer the consequences of his deceit.

Further B&B speculation tease that Steffy couldn't even stand the sight of Thomas. Perhaps she will fire him from Forrester Creations. That will be a big blow for Thomas, especially with his success in the company recently.

Or maybe Steffy will bring up the issue of Douglas Forrester's custody. Now that it's been proven that Thomas hasn't changed, he might lose his son for good on Bold and the Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Forrester
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Will Thomas Be Estranged from the Forresters?

It doesn't look like Thomas Forrester will regret what he did — at least for now. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week reveal he will have a heated argument with Steffy Forrester.

He'll blame her for ruining his perfect plan. Thomas will point out that if only Steffy had kept quiet about his secret, their parents would've been enjoying their honeymoon by now.

Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester
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If Thomas continues to be like this, he might ruin his chances of redeeming himself. The Forresters may have enough of his evil ways and decide to sever ties with him.

Thomas might be estranged from his family, which will only make things worse for him. Will he go deeper down the dark side? Or will the Forresters give him another chance on Bold and the Beautiful?


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