Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Forrester
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'B&B' Rumors: Uncontrollable Steffy Goes Too Far – Ruins 'Tridge'?

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Bold and the Beautiful rumors suggest Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) may have done more damage than good to her parents. Steffy and her brother, Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson), have been relentlessly working hard to reunite Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen).

Steffy will stop at nothing to make the "Tridge" reunion happen. She's putting in a lot of time and effort to push her parents closer together. Lately, Steffy has been throwing family gatherings, giving Ridge and Taylor chances to bond with each other.

Steffy's Extreme Parent Trap on Bold and the Beautiful

However, Steffy Forrester's latest scheme might be too much for Ridge Forrester. She derailed Brooke Logan's (Katherine Kelly Lang) romantic plans with Ridge and even blatantly told her she would not be his wife for long.

Naturally, Brooke's furious. She confronts Taylor about it and declares that Steffy is getting out of control. In her defense, Taylor claims she doesn't know anything about it. She couldn't even believe Brooke's claims about her daughter.

Ridge likely has no idea about what happened as well. He got home pretty late and left early, leaving Brooke no chance to tell him what Steffy did. How will Ridge react once he finds out that his daughter goes to extremes on Bold and the Beautiful?

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Forrester
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Steffy's Scheme Fails?

Ridge Forrester has made it clear that he wants Steffy and Thomas Forrester to stop meddling with his marriage to Brooke Logan. However, his actions continue to fuel his kids' desire for a "Tridge" reunion.

Ridge and Taylor were growing naturally closer together, even without Steffy and Thomas' push. The latest scheme against Brooke will definitely cause a ripple effect once Ridge finds out.

Perhaps Brooke will tell Ridge that Taylor and their kids have been ganging up on her. And with Steffy's latest sabotage, Ridge might just believe that.

Bold and the Beautiful speculation suggests Ridge will lash out at Taylor over Steffy's latest interference. He may even think that Taylor knows about it all along.

This could be too painful for the psychiatrist, causing her to leave. Will this pave the way for their upcoming Aspen special?

Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke Logan
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Will 'Tridge' Survive on B&B?

Bold and the Beautiful rumors speculate an emotional Taylor Hayes will decide to leave and go to Aspen. Steffy Forrester might realize the severity of her actions and apologize to Ridge Forrester. She could then ask her dad to follow Taylor to Aspen.

Maybe Brooke Logan will catch wind of it and decide to follow them as well. Of course, Steffy will be there to block her again.

Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor Hayes - Ridge Forrester
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Or maybe Brooke will witness an intimate moment between Ridge and Taylor. This could change her perspective on her "destiny." 

One thing is for sure — someone will go home heartbroken on Bold and the Beautiful. Will it be Taylor or Brooke?

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