Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester
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'B&B' Rumors: Thomas Forced Into Rehab – Last-Ditch Effort To Save Him?

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Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease Thomas Forrester is on the verge of his downfall. Ridge Forrester finally told his family about Brooke Logan's supposed call to the authorities.

Naturally, everyone was shocked and furious at Brooke, except for Douglas Forrester. The young boy knows the truth and feels guilty about it.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, more people might get intrigued by the CPS call. The walls are closing in on Thomas on Bold and the Beautiful.

Thomas Spirals Down on Bold and the Beautiful

Thomas Forrester's scheme against Brooke Logan isn't foolproof after all. Douglas Forrester discovered the truth when he restored his deleted recordings, which included Brooke's voice.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week of November 14–18 tease that Douglas will be overwhelmed with guilt. He wants his dad to come clean about his lies. However, Thomas is adamant about keeping it a secret.

But no secret is safe on B&B. Douglas could spill the beans at any moment. Or maybe someone else will discover Thomas' latest atrocity.

Regardless of who exposes him, Thomas will definitely take a big hit. Bold and the Beautiful rumors predict he will spiral down, and this time, he might need some serious help to recover.

Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester
Pic credit: CBS

What Will Ridge Do?

Thomas Forrester's secret could make or break Ridge Forrester's future. If the waffler finds out the truth, he could run back to Brooke Logan, leaving Taylor Hayes brokenhearted yet again.

He'll also have to deal with his son. For years, the Foresters have rallied around Thomas, particularly after he has demonstrated some positive changes.However, nobody prepared them for what lay ahead.

Bold and the Beautiful rumors predict that Ridge will be furious at his son. Will he be able to forgive him?

It's likely that Ridge will take action to help Thomas once the dust settles. Further B&B rumors suggest that he will send him to a rehab center so that he can get the help he needs.

Perhaps getting Thomas the help he requires will still change him for the better. With all the resources they have, he could easily get into the best facility out there. Will the Forresters be able to save him before it's too late?

Other rumors imply that Brooke might consider taking legal action against Thomas. He could be facing charges and might even end up in jail. Will she get her payback and send him to jail?

Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester - Ridge Forrester
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Is There Still Hope for Thomas?

A lot is at stake for Thomas Forrester if the truth comes out. The doting father could lose custody of his son for good on Bold and the Beautiful

Thomas could also ruin his relationship with his family, especially Ridge Forrester. Taylor Hayes might even end up leaving town again to cope with this latest family crisis.

Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester - Douglas Forrester
Pic credit: CBS

Then there's Steffy Forrester, who will be very disappointed with her brother. According to B&B spoilers, she'll be furious when she learns what Thomas did. Added teasers imply she'll keep it a secret, at least until after their parents' wedding.

Is it too late for Thomas to change on Bold and the Beautiful?

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