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'B&B' Rumors: Katie Shakes Up Sheila's Evil Plans – Outsmarts the Madwoman?

Bold and the Beautiful rumors suggest Sheila Carter's happy days are numbered, all thanks to Katie Logan. We all saw how Bill Spencer blocked everyone who tried to get through to him. Even Brooke Logan doesn't stand a chance.

Katie also attempted to knock some sense into Bill but to no avail. Still, that doesn't stop her from trying to save her ex-husband from Sheila. B&B speculation notes she might just have the answer to end this nightmare once and for all. But at what cost?

Katie Tries Again

Katie Logan couldn't bear seeing Bill Spencer being played by Sheila Carter. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers show she visits him again while the madwoman is away.

Katie tells Bill that she's never felt worried about him before. She adds that she's scared for him and their son, Will Spencer.

B&B spoilers note that she's determined to save her ex-husband from this dangerous situation, even if it means sacrificing her own happiness.

Bold and the Beautiful: Katie Logan - Bill Spencer

Bold and the Beautiful: Katie Logan – Bill Spencer/Pic Credit: CBS

Bill Wants Katie Back?

Katie Logan clearly states she doesn't want Will Spencer anywhere near Sheila Carter. Bill Spencer's relationship with his son is undoubtedly special, so he wouldn't want to be separated for good.

He admits that everything Katie says is right and that he's wrong. But does it have to mean the end for them and Will? It seems Bill is still hoping that he and Katie will work things out, especially for their son. If so, then Sheila is definitely in trouble.

Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer

Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer/Pic Credit: CBS

Katie Derails Sheila's Plans?

Sheila Carter overhears Bill Spencer and Katie Logan's emotional conversation. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that she's starting to question the extent of her influence on Bill. She feels like her grip on him is slowly slipping away.

Katie tells Bill that if he continues being with Sheila, there'll be no hope for their family. She's not taking any risks. Sheila is capable of hurting anyone, let alone her son.

Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila Carter

Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila Carter/Pic Credit: CBS

However, Katie hints that if Bill sends Sheila back to jail, there might still be a chance to reunite their family. Bill asks if she's going to take him back if he turns his back on the nine-toed criminal. But what about her blossoming romance with Carter Walton? Is she willing to sacrifice her happiness to end Sheila once and for all?

Bold and the Beautiful speculation suggests Katie's proposal shakes up Sheila's sinister plans. It will be a big game changer if Katie decides to pursue Bill for real.

Sheila will likely retaliate and scare Katie away. B&B spoilers for the week reveal she levies a serious threat to Bill's ex-wife.

Added teasers note that Carter Walton stops Sheila from threatening Katie. Will he be able to protect her?