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'B&B' Rumors: Donna's Shocking Discovery Redeems Brooke?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) will be in a tough spot after a recording of her supposed CPS call came to light. Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) was heartbroken when he heard his wife's voice firsthand on the other end of the line.

Ridge initially believed Brooke did not call the authorities on Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson). It even caused a conflict between the father and son.

However, Thomas is confident that Brooke was the mastermind behind the CPS call. He contacted an old friend to prove his suspicions. Now, Brooke is in hot water, and her actions might just cost her marriage to Ridge on Bold and the Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge Forrester - Thomas Forrester

Pic credit: CBS

Donna Makes Shocking Discovery on Bold and the Beautiful?

Amid all the chaos of Brooke Logan's supposed CPS call, one person is sticking by her side. Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) still believes her sister is innocent, especially since Brooke has denied any involvement in it.

Bold and the Beautiful speculation suggests Donna might just be right after all. Rumor has it that she will make a shocking discovery that could redeem her sister's reputation.

Perhaps Donna will find out that someone set Brooke up. B&B wild speculation alludes the CPS call was fake and that Thomas Forrester might be behind it.

Maybe Thomas got his hands on Douglas Forrester's voice-mimicking app. He possibly imitated Brooke's voice and called the authorities to the Forrester mansion.

Thomas is nothing new to manipulative ways, so the idea of him doing such a thing is not entirely impossible. Will Donna find out the truth on Bold and the Beautiful?

Bold and the Beautiful: Donna Logan

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Donna Confronts Thomas?

If Donna Logan discovered that Thomas Forrester was behind the phone call, it could spell more trouble for the Forresters and Logans. The two families have been feuding non-stop already, and another conflict is the last thing they need.

Bold and the Beautiful speculation suggests Donna will likely confront Thomas about it first. Perhaps she will ask whether it's true or not. Then she can demand him to come clean before she exposes him herself.

Or maybe Donna will decide to keep quiet about it. Things are going smoothly between her and Eric Forrester at the moment. Exposing Thomas might ruin her relationship with her honey bear, so she might just choose to stay out of it. After all, it's hard to prove her discovery unless she has solid proof, which Thomas could easily get rid of.

Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke Logan

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Will Brooke Be Redeemed on B&B?

If Donna Logan decides to help Brooke Logan, things will take a drastic turn. Ridge Forrester might just have a change of heart again and run back to Brooke.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for October 3 to 7 reveal Ridge will distance himself from his wife after the CPS debacle. He will fly to Aspen to be with Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen).

However, Brooke will get wind of her husband's escapade and follow him there too. Will she arrive just in time to stop Tridge? Or is it too late for her on B&B?