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'B&B' Predictions: Quinn and Carter Play With Fire Again?

Bold And The Beautiful predictions suggest Quinn Fuller Forrester (Rena Sofer) may revisit a past love. Quinn and Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) had a passionate affair when Quinn felt rejected by her husband, Eric Forrester (John McCook). 

Eric revealed he suffered from erectile dysfunction. Then Eric gave his approval for Quinn and Carter to carry on with their passionate love life. Eventually, Quinn ended things with Carter at Eric's request.

Although Quinn and Carter fell in love, Quinn decided to devote herself to her marriage. Carter had a brief flirtation with Katie Logan (Heather Tom). Then Carter fell for Paris Buckingham (Diamond White). That came with its own set of problems. 

Paris is in a casual relationship with Zende Forrester Dominguez (Delon de Metz). However, the young designer is head over heels for Paris. There is also Grace Buckingham (Cassandra Creech). She hates the idea of Paris being involved with Carter. 

B&B spoilers for April reveal that Grace will continue to meddle in Paris's love life. Will Grace come between Carter and Paris on Bold And The Restless?

Bold and the Beautiful: Paris Buckinghamn - Carter Walton

Pic Credit: CBS

B&B: Are Carter and Paris Over?

Carter did pull away when Grace threatened to go to the Forresters about his fling with Paris. Walton escaped relatively unscathed from the fallout of his affair with Quinn. 

However, Carter may not be so lucky this time. Zende has no idea that Carter and Paris are an item. He cannot afford to betray another Forrester. Bold And The Beautiful spoilers for the upcoming weeks suggest that Grace will encourage Zende to propose to Paris.

Bold and the Beautiful: Carter Walton - Paris Buckingham

Pic credit: CBS

Zende will not realize that Grace is meddling in Paris' romantic life. Grace strongly believes that Zende is the right man for her daughter. Also, the Carter/Paris pairing is wildly unpopular with Bold And The Beautiful fans. 

Paris already shut down Zende's last proposal. Will she say yes to the ring this time? Carter may be pulling away, and Grace will pile on the pressure. So Paris may become engaged. Carter may find solace in Quinn's arms on Bold And The Beautiful.

Quinn and Carter Reunited on Bold and the Beautiful?

The sparks certainly flew between Quinn and Carter. They still had deep feelings for each other when they ended their relationship. So it is always possible for sparks to turn into flames. Not to mention that Rena Sofer and Lawrence Saint-Victor have given hints that Quinn and Carter are not quite over.

Bold and the Beautiful: Quinn Forrester - Carter Walton

Pic credit: CBS

Still, the few times that Quinn and Eric have been seen together, they looked happy. Also, the Forresters seemed to have forgiven Carter for his indiscretion. However, Quinn and Carter had a strong pull on each other. Will Quinn and Carter give into passion on The Bold And The Beautiful?