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'90 Day Fiance': Rose Vega Hints Trouble in Paradise with Beau?

90 Day Fiance star Rose Vega has been living her best life since her split from Big Ed. The Filipina native has become more successful in life, as evident on her recent social media posts.

Not only that, but it seems Rose has finally found the right man for her. Recently, she introduced her boyfriend to the public. The TLC star is dating an Australian named Greg Scherwinski.

Is There Trouble in Paradise Between Rose and Greg?

All seem well for Rose Vega and her boyfriend until she made some intriguing posts on social. By the looks of it, the 90 Day Fiance star is having some problems with Greg. 

Rose shared some clips about independent women and the fact that they don't need a man to survive. She also highlighted that some ladies are capable of paying their own bills and not relying on their partners when it comes to finances.

Rose Vega's post created several speculations from 90 Day Fiance fans. One of which is the possibility that the two may not be on good terms at the moment. It's also notable how she doesn't talk much about her boyfriend despite her being in Australia.

90 Day Fiance: Rose Vega

Image Credit: Rose Vega/Instagram

Greg Having Trouble With Rose's Mood Swings?

90 Day Fiance star Rose Vega also raised some eyebrows with another recent Instagram post. It's a stunning mirror shot of herself with a puzzling question about how some are able to deal with moody people. Fans think it's a hint that Greg Scherwinski is having trouble with his girlfriend.

The reason behind it is unclear. But some fans recalled Rose's strict and moody side during her days with Big Ed. At this point, fans can only hope that Greg will be more patient with Rose and talk things out with her.

90 Day Fiance: Rose Vega

Image Credit: Rose Vega/Instagram

Fans Want A Spinoff For Rose Vega and Greg Scherwinski

TLC has yet to confirm if they will bring back Rose Vega for a spinoff with her boyfriend. So far, she's been private with her new love life.

Still, 90 Day Fiance fans are eager to get to know Rose's new man. Although he already appeared in 90 Day Diaries, he may not be ready to expose more of his private life with Rose.

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