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'90 Day Fiance': Loren Brovarnik Snaps Back at Hater Calling Shai 'Mongoloid'

90 Day Fiance alum Loren Brovarnik is in full mama bear mode after her eldest son, Shai, becomes the target of mean trolls online. Alexei Brovarnik's wife did not hold back in retaliating against inconsiderate people, stirring up ridiculous claims that her almost two-year-old son has a condition.

90 Day Fiance: Loren Brovarnik's Son Shai Targeted Online

Loren Brovarnik has had enough of the insensitive remarks about her son, Shai. The 90 Day Fiance star took to her IG Stories and called out a particular commenter who has nothing good to say about her and Alexei's little boy.

Loren was clearly not happy with the latest negative comments about her son. Apparently, the TLC star was going through messages from her followers and stumbled upon a mean text directed at Shai.

Loren Brovarnik took a screenshot of the lengthy message, and it was definitely cruel. The sender bluntly told the 90 Day Fiance star to get her sons in "mongoloidism medicine" so she wouldn't "b**ch so much" about them on social media.

90 Day Fiance: Loren Brovarnik - Shai - Asher

Pic credit: Loren Brovarnik/Instagram

"Is the older one's mongoloidism kicking in? Why are you letting him lay on the baby?" the hater mocked, seemingly referring to a photo of the siblings laying next to each other.

Alexei Brovarnik's wife was clearly not happy with the mean comments about Shai. Apparently, there has been a lot of speculations that the adorable tot has down syndrome, which she already clarified in the past.

Loren Claps Back at Haters

Loren Brovarnik was no exception to the troll's attack. In the same message, the 90 Day Fiance celeb was told to "take [her] Tourette's medicine."

The mean commenter also picked on Loren for supposedly complaining about her kids on social media. "All you do is b**ch about the kids, yet you keep on making mongoloid babies that don't have a chance in life," the user added. 

90 Day Fiance: Loren Brovarnik - Shai - Asher

Pic credit: Loren Brovarnik/Instagram

Loren Brovarnik did not take the remarks lightly and directly addressed the ruthless troll. "Why do people follow somebody that they want to hate on when they don't even know them," the 90 Day Fiance star asked. "What do people get out of bashing somebody they don't even know?"

'90 Day Fiance': Loren Defends Son From Heartless Comments

This isn't the first time Loren Brovarnik cried foul over mean comments about her son. In the past, she retaliated at people claiming Shai has down syndrome.

90 Day Fiance: Loren Brovarnik - Shai

Pic credit: @lorenbrovarnik/Instagram

At the time, Loren clarified that her son doesn't have such a condition. She added that even if he does, it won't lessen their love for him. 

"Shai does not have down syndrome," the 90 Day Fiance mom said. "And I don't know why so many people think it's okay to just blatantly come out and tell me that my son has down syndrome. What's the big deal? If he did have it, it's not the end of the f***ing world!"