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'90 Day Fiance': Ben Meets Mahogany in the Flesh – Gets Rude Awakening?

Mahogany Roca is real! Fans of 90 Day Fiance finally got their questions answered as Ben Rathbun's online girlfriend has finally shown her face. 

90 Day Fiance: Ben Rathbun and Mahogany Roca Finally Meet

The long wait is over for 90 Day Fiance fans. Ben Rathbun and Mahogany Roca have finally met, proving that the 24-year-old Peruvian is no scammer. 

Viewers of the show have been waiting for the two to meet ever since they got to know Ben and Mahogany's story. They'll finally see them together on Episode 10 of the 5th season of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days

Ben Rathbun met Mahogany Roca online after she sent him a friend request when she saw his work as a fitness model. The two were in constant communication for three months. 

As their online romance developed, Ben's friends started worrying about him. They believed that the 52-year-old 90 Day Fiance star was being catfished since Mahogany refused to video chat with him. Many people also thought that her photos on social media were fake.

90 Day Fiance: Ben Rathbun - Mahogany Roca

Pic credit: TLC

A lovestruck Ben Rathbun decided to fly to Peru to finally see Mahogany Roca in person. But before the former pastor boarded his plane, Mahogany told him not to go mainly because her father supposedly disapproves of their relationship, thinking the Fraser, Michigan native had ill intentions with his daughter.

When Ben arrived in Lima, he waited outside the airport for quite some time before realizing that Mahogany wasn't coming and likely ghosted him. He then got into a taxi and went to San Bartolo, where Mahogany supposedly lives. After Mahogany replied and said San Bartolo was "very distant" from Lima, Ben asked her to meet in a restaurant instead. He texted her the address of the La Milonga del SanTito restaurant and waited.

Mahogany 'Wasn't Prepared'to Meet Ben

After about an hour of waiting inside the restaurant without ordering anything, Ben Rathbun already thought that Mahogany Roca would be a no-show once more. However, he was surprised when the 90 Day Fiance star finally walked into the restaurant.

"I did not feel prepared to come," Mahogany explained. She also said that she "almost didn't do it" because she was scared of her parents. However, she decided to go through with the date. "Since Benjamin decided to come to my town, I decided I wanted to see him and get to know who he really is," Mahogany revealed.

90 Day Fiance: Ben Rathbun - Mahogany Roca

Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: Ben and Mahogany Didn't Meet Each Other's Expectations

While Ben Rathbun thought Mahogany Roca was "a woman and beautiful," he admitted that she looked "a little different than she does in pictures." The 90 Day Fiance star also realized that the photos she sent him "were doctored a little bit." Mahogany Roca, on the other hand, thought Ben was "a little bit smaller" than his shirtless pictures suggested.

90 Day Fiance: Ben Rathbun - Mahogany Roca

Pic credit: TLC

Things continued to be awkward as their date progressed. At one point, Mahogany hesitantly answered Ben's question on why she loves him. She tells him that he loves him for his big heart and beautiful soul. 

After the date, Mahogany also hesitated before giving Ben a hug and getting into the car. She also didn't say "I love you" back to Ben, which he took to heart.