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'90 Day Fiance': Avery Mills and Omar Albakour Ditch America? Is It for Good?

90 Day Fiance alum Avery Mills and her husband, Omar Albakour, started the new year with lots of traveling. The TLC couple has visited different countries and shared their adventure on social media over the past few weeks.

Their latest trip was a place so close to their hearts. Where did they go this time?

90 Day Fiance: Avery Mills and Omar Albakour Back in Dubai

Looks like Avery Mills and Omar Albakour miss their former home, Dubai. The 90 Day Fiance couple, who has been traveling a lot lately, returned to the UAE after less than a year.

In an Instagram post, Avery revealed that she and Omar are currently enjoying Dubai. The former cheerleader shared a photo of herself posing gracefully in the desert.

"If someone could teach me how to do candid shots in the Dubai Desert, that would be great," the 90 Day Fiance alum added. She was also shocked about the rainy weather there.

90 Day Fiance: Avery Mills - Omar Albakour

Pic credit: Avery Mills/Instagram

Did They Move Back?

Avery Mills and Omar Albakour arrived in Dubai earlier this week. The 90 Day Fiance couple definitely had a blast as they returned to UAE, which has been their home for a few months.

Last year, the couple confirmed that they were finally reunited in Dubai after enduring months of long-distance marriage. However, Avery and Omar's happy days there were cut short after they were approved to move to the U.S.

Many are now wondering if Avery Mills and Omar Alabakour are planning on staying in Dubai for good. It's no secret that the 90 Day Fiance stars fell in love with the place and the people there. That said, it's not entirely impossible for them to consider moving back.

However, Avery clarified that their recent trip was to merely visit some family members and friends. She also confirmed that they would only stay for a week before returning home to America. Still, they made it very clear that Dubai will always have a special place in their hearts.

90 Day Fiance: Avery Mills - Omar Albakour

Pic credit: Avery Mills/Instagram

90 Day Fiance Couple's Bright Future Ahead

Omar Albakour and Avery Mills continue to thrive in America. The 90 Day Fiance couple has been working hard on their goals, and they're getting closer to achieving them.

Omar, in particular, has been doing an impressive job on his journey to becoming a dentist. He previously passed the INBDE [Integrated National Board Dental Examination] in America. He's now eligible to be a general dentist, given that he has completed two years of college.

As for Avery, she's also doing well with her healthcare management studies and is expecting to graduate this year. She's looking forward to starting her career in the medical field.

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