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'7 Little Johnstons' Family Moving Into New Home?

7 Little Johnstons star Amber Johnston teased something big happening in her household. The mother of five took to Instagram and shared some photos of what appeared to be a new house project. Are they moving out?

7 Little Johnstons: Amber Johnston Teases New Home

Looks like the Johnston family has been quite busy these days, as seen on their social media updates. Amber Trent, in particular, has been sharing photos showing the latest progress of their new house project.

The 7 Little Johnstons star took to her IG Stories and posted pictures of their massive yard. She also shared a photo of what appeared to be a spacious bathroom. 

Amber teased that the ongoing work on the house was almost complete. 

"Almost there," she captioned the photos. "Home sweet home."

7 Little Johnstons Family

Pic credit: 7 Little Johnstons – Instagram

Are They Moving Into New House?

The 7 Little Johnstons family first teased about their latest home project a few months back. At the time, Amber, Trent, and their kids worked together to tear down the rooms in preparation for rebuilding them.

Some fans wonder if the family is merely renovating their old house or if it's a completely new property. Some assumed that Amber and Trent were moving into a new home, especially after three of their kids had already moved out.

Meanwhile, others think the house they're working on belongs to Elizabeth Johnston. The 7 Little Johnstons fan-favorite has been very vocal about her desire to buy her own house and even consider moving in with her boyfriend, Brice Bolden. 

Although Trent and Amber Johnston are against the idea, that doesn't stop the couple from house hunting for their dream home. Liz also reiterated that she and Brice are "so ready" to live together.

The idea of Elizabeth finally buying her own house is not far-fetched at all. The 7 Little Johnstons star has been working hard and saving up to afford the house of her dreams. Still, the couple has yet to confirm whether or not they have already made the big purchase.

7 Little Johnstons Family

Pic credit: 7 Little Johnstons – Instagram

7 Little Johnstons: What's Next for the Johnstons?

Meanwhile, fans are looking forward to 7 Little Johnstons Season 12It has been confirmed that the hit TLC show will return on August 16, much to everyone's excitement.

Fans can expect to see more of the family's day-to-day lives. Perhaps the new season will show the progress of Elizabeth and Brice's plan of moving in together.

7 Little Johnstons Family

Pic credit: 7 Little Johnstons – Instagram

Many are also looking forward to seeing more of Anna Johnston's dating life, especially with a new guy in the picture. Jonas Johnston could also have a storyline this season, particularly being more independent.

Alex and Emma will also add to the fun as they face new chapters in their lives. Of course, the show wouldn't be complete without Amber and Trent. It's definitely an exciting season ahead on 7 Little Johnstons.