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'Y&R' Week Ahead Spoilers (March 27 to 31): Jack and Diane Steal the Show – Elena Loses Patience With Victoria?

Genoa City welcomes familiar faces back. Jack Abbott and Diane Jenkins make an announcement. Audra Charles gets into Elena Dawson's head. Plus, Phyllis Summers strikes back. Here's a look at what's happening on Young and the Restless for the week of March 27 to 31, 2023.

Young and the Restless: More Drama Ahead?

Victor and Nikki Newman are pleased with their bicentennial gala. Y&R spoilers for Monday, March 27, tease the power couple celebrates their success. 

But more drama and surprises are on the way. Jack Abbott is shocked by a party crasher, presumably Jeremy Stark. Also, Jill Abbott tries to repair the rift between Lily Winters and Devon Hamilton.

Plus, familiar faces show up at the party. Danny Romalotti and Gina Roma return just in time for the festivities. Nina Webster also reunites with Christine Blair at the party. Amanda Sinclair makes a grand entrance and Mamie Johnson gets acquainted with Summer and Kyle Abbott.

Young and the Restless: Jeremy Stark

Young and the Restless: Jeremy Stark/Image Credit: CBS

Diane Takes Phyllis' Bait?

Meanwhile, Phyllis Summers sets a trap for Diane Jenkins. Young and the Restless spoilers say she manipulates her rival and convinces her to go up to her suite.

Phyllis tells Diane that Kyle is sick and that he's been asking for her. Skeptic about her nemesis, Diane texts her son. However, Jeremy Stark has Kyle's phone.

Diane ends up taking the bait. She goes up to the suite with Phyllis following closely behind. Leanna Love watches as it unfolds, but the juiciest scoop of the night is yet to come.

Young and the Restless: Phyllis Summers

Young and the Restless: Phyllis Summers/Image Credit: CBS

Young and the Restless: Jack and Diane Shock Genoa City

Jeremy Stark and Phyllis Summers' plan doesn't seem to faze Diane Jenkins. On Wednesday's episode of Young and the Restless, she and Jack Abbott don't let their enemies spoil the night.

The couple decides it's the best time to announce their engagement. Jack and Diane definitely steal the show with their unexpected announcement. 

Young and the Restless: Jack Abbott - Diane Jenkins

Young and the Restless: Jack Abbott – Diane Jenkins/Image Credit: CBS

Elena Not Putting Up With Victoria?

Meanwhile, Audra Charles' warning seems to be getting into Elena Dawson's head. Young and the Restless spoilers say she loses patience with Victoria Newman, especially after seeing her getting too cozy with Nate Hastings at the party.

Elena intentionally kisses Nate in front of Vicky until it's awkward enough for her to walk away. However, even with Elena around, Nate can't get his eyes off his boss.

Young and the Restless: Victoria Newman - Nate Hastings - Elena Dawson

Young and the Restless: Victoria Newman – Nate Hastings – Elena Dawson/Image Credit: CBS

Later, Elena tells Audra that she's reconsidering her suggestion to interview JT for her medical podcast. Is this the beginning of Elena's retaliation against Victoria?

Coming up next week, April 3 to 7, 2023, Leanna Love uncovers a scandal. Victor and Jack join forces. Nikki regrets a decision. Plus, Tucker schemes with Audra on Young and the Restless.