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'Y&R' Predictions: Victoria Changes Ashland Locke – But How?

Young And The Restless predictions suggest there may be a future for Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) and Ashland Locke (Robert Newman). However, Victoria's love for Ashland may be put to the test very soon.

Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) recently backed Locke into a corner regarding the nature of his illness. Victor also questioned his ties to the clinic that administered his miraculous treatments. Ashland's trouble continued when he learned an American was asking questions about him in Peru.

With his back against the wall, Ashland will have to act quickly. Y&R spoilers for the week reveal that Ashland will come clean with Victoria. Vik has no clue that Locke has financial ties to the Peruvian clinic. 

The real question is why Ashland is funding a medical clinic in South America. Further spoilers tease Locke's confession will put a damper on Valentine's Day. How will Victoria react to Ashland's latest revelation on The Young And The Restless?

Young and the Restless: Ashland Locke - Victoria Newman

Pic credit: CBS

Y&R: Has Ashland Plans Changed?

From the minute Ashland showed up, he had an agenda. The popular theory is that Locke targeted Victoria in a bid to get his hands on Newman Enterprises. 

Somewhere along the way, Ashland may have fallen for Victoria. So has love changed the Locke-Ness monster? Y&R spoilers for February 14 to 18 reveal Michael Baldwin (Christian Leblanc) will uncover shocking information about Ashland. Additional spoilers for the week indicate Victor will ask Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) to spy on his son-in-law.

Pic credit: CBS

Ashland is still hiding things from Victoria, but not for long. Y&R spoilers for February indicate Ashland's major secret will be exposed. Perhaps, as many Young And The Restless viewers suspect, Ashland was never sick. Yet, Ashland may feel that news is better coming from him. That way, Victoria won't be blindsided by the news coming from someone else. 

The Locke-Ness monster may not care about Victoria's feelings. However, Victoria's husband would want to protect her on the CBS soap.

Victoria Stands by Her Man on Young and the Restless?

Victoria may get a sense of deja vu when Ashland makes his big confession. She has been down this road before. Yet, Victoria stood by Ashland, and they presented a united front. 

Young and the Restless: Victoria Newman

Pic credit: CBS

Moreover, Vik was willing to marry a dying man so they could have months of happiness. The fact that Vik was willing to face heartbreak to ensure his happiness could have touched Ashland deeply.

So it may be possible that Ashland set out to con Victoria. Yet, Locke fell in love along the way. Perhaps Ashland believed the facts about his medical condition would stay buried forever. That way, the power couple would have a great future together. Will the Lockes overcome this hurdle on The Young And The Restless?