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TWICE's New "Alcohol-Free" Music Video Hits #1 In Trending

K-pop girl group TWICE is taking the spotlight once again with their latest music video, Alcohol-Free. The latest song is already hitting the top charts within a day of its release. Fans were left in awe by the latest TWICE music.

Apparently, Alcohol-Free features a more mature side of the famous girl group. Meanwhile, fans are happy that one of their members, Jeongyeon, is finally back after resting for a while.

JYP Entertainment also surprised fans with a teaser of the entire Taste of Love album before releasing Alcohol-Free.

TWICE Takes Top Spot In YouTube Music

TWICE is back to take their throne as one of the best K-pop girl groups today with their latest music video, Alcohol-Free. At this point in time, Alcohol-Free is currently the number 1 in trending in YouTube Music. It also received 21.5 million views within 24-hours of its release.

Alcohol-Free features a summer vibe soundtrack with a little bit of blues mixed into it, which is something new for TWICE. Apparently, most of TWICE's songs feature easy-to-catch and creative dance steps.

However, fans think that Alcohol-Free is one of the most relaxing entries that TWICE ever made.

Twice: Nayeon - Tzuyu - Dahyun

Pic Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube

Jeongyeon Is Back

TWICE's Jeongyeon went on a long hiatus from the group's activities for personal reasons. However, despite her absence fans continue to show support and love for her and for the group. Now, Jeongyeon is finally back and has already participated in TWICE's recent live performance on ELLEN. 

It's also expected that Jeongyeon will also perform in the future activities of the group. Meanwhile, TWICE has yet to reveal its future guesting on Korean variety shows.

However, fans can already expect that TWICE will be around for quite some time due to their huge comeback. It's also expected that TWICE will have more Time to Twice episodes soon.

Twice: Jeongyeon

Pic Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube

TWICE's Taste of Love Album Gets New Teaser

JYP Entertainment never fails to excite its fans whenever they share a teaser for TWICE. In a YouTube post, JYP Entertainment shared a teaser for the entire album TWICE called Taste of Love.

The video features all the songs from the album, and fans noticed that it all features the same "blues genre" in it. Fans also think that it's a good idea as the summer season arrives. At this point, JYP Entertainment has yet to share music videos of the other songs inside the album.

However, it's expected to be released along the way while the group promotes Alcohol-Free.

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