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'LPBW': Jeremy Roloff Rubs Fans the Wrong Way – Here's Why

Jeremy Roloff turned off a few fans after seemingly whining about failing to purchase Roloff Farms from his father, Matt. The former LPBW star was labeled "entitled" by fans who did not like the disappointed tone in his latest remarks.

LPBW: Jeremy Roloff Shows Disappointment Over Failure To Buy Farm?

The 31-year-old shared on his Instagram Stories that he and his wife, Audrey Roloff, purchased a property five years ago and planned to only live there for a year or two. Apparently, the main goal of the LPBW couple was to buy the farm from Matt. However, the Roloff patriarch refused their offer, so their plans were pushed back.

"Five years ago we bought this house that we are currently in," Jeremy Roloff said. "It was supposed to be at [sic] one to two-year house as we had plans to purchase a property (at the time, it was the family farm)."

Some of his followers noted that Jeremy seemed like he was whining at the thought of not being able to buy the farm. They even went so far as accusing the LPBW alum of being "entitled."

In the same post, Jeremy Roloff also pointed out that he "passed up on a lot of properties and been outbid on others." He also put on hold renovations to their home because of their original plan. 

Now, the father of three is redoing their master bathroom after three years of living in their house. The LPBW star had "the wild idea to do this" by himself.

LPBW: Jeremy Roloff

Pic credit: Jeremy Roloff/Instagram

Little People, Big World: Jeremy Has Been Called Out Before

This is not the first time that Jeremy was called out for his supposed "entitled" behavior. Back in August, an LPBW fan was re-watching some old episodes of the show when they noticed Jeremy's attitude.

The clip shows Jeremy talking back to his mother, Amy. He even told her to "help out in the kitchen." At the time, the Little People, Big World matriarch reiterated that it was "not her job to look after her 20-year-old son." Amy also told Jeremy that he "should have a job and begin planning for the future."

LPBW: Jeremy Roloff - Audrey Roloff

Pic credit: Jeremy Roloff/Instagram

The old video that recently resurfaced online somehow rubbed people the wrong way. Apparently, some LPBW fans are disappointed with the way Jeremy Roloff acted. And his supposed whining for not being able to buy the farm didn't help his image at all.

Of course, it has been years since that episode, and Jeremy made a lot of changes. He's now a family man and a good one at that. Perhaps, the LPBW star was merely misunderstood and that all is actually well in the Roloff family.