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'Little Couple': Bill and Jen's Love Story – How It All Started

The Little Couple may be off the air for quite a while now, but its fanbase continues to grow. The TLC franchise has become a must-see reality show for its family-oriented storyline, which many find relatable.

Add the fact that the stars of the show, Jen Arnold and Bill Klein, inspire a lot of couples out there. So how long have they been together, and how has it all started for them?

The Little Couple: How Did Jen Arnold and Bill Klein First Met?

Some people are just meant to be part of each other's life. That's how one can describe the relationship between The Little Couple stars Jen Arnold and Bill Klein. 

The celebrity couple first met when they were just kids. According to Bill, he first crossed paths with Jen when they were just ten years old. 

The two were at a hospital in Baltimore at the same time. Bill was there for a physical therapy session while Jen was having a procedure — one of around 35 surgeries in her lifetime so far. Apparently, little Bill already had his eyes on the "really cute" Jen.

Little Couple: Jen Arnold - Bill Klein

Pic credit: Jen Arnold/Instagram

"He remembers coming into my room and thinking that I was really cute, and apparently I shooed him out of the room, and my mom shooed him out of the room because I was, like, vomiting," Jen Arnold reminisced. "But he was cruising the hall for chicks literally in his wheelchair, and he remembers meeting me."

How Jen and Bill Started Dating?

The Little Couple stars had another encounter when they were in college. According to Jen Arnold, both she and Bill Klein "shadowed" the late Dr. Steven Kopits one after the other because of their interest in the field of medicine. 

The expert on dwarfism, who died in 2002, encouraged the two to know each other. Their nurse practitioner also tried to set them up, but they never met at the time.

The Little Couple stars finally met when they were already 31 years old. Both Jen Arnold and Bill Klein joined an online dating site for little people called There, the neonatalogist saw Bill's profile and found him "intriguing" and "handsome."

Little Couple: Jen Arnold - Bill Klein

Pic credit: Jen Arnold/Instagram

The two connected and spent more than a month staying in touch through calls. Bill remembered an instance when Jen fell asleep during one of their calls. 

This was apparently the turning point as he thought Jen was "either too comfortable or too bored." He knew Jen was the one and that he had to "close the deal." That was when he flew to Pittsburgh to finally meet her in person. 

"I needed to close the deal here because I was in love with her at that point," Bill recalled.

The Little Couple sweethearts are now 47, happily married, and have adopted two children – William and Zoey. Both are also successful in their individual careers and as reality TV stars.