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'B&B' Spoilers: Donna's Absence Makes Eric's Heart Grow Fonder?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease Eric Forrester (John McCook) misses Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis). Eric banished Donna from his life at Quinn Fuller Forrester's (Rena Sofer) request. 

B&B spoilers suggest Eric may regret that decision. Bold and the Beautiful viewers recall Donna, and a jar of honey helped Eric have a breakthrough. Donna was able to awaken feelings that he thought had died. 

It also made Quinn extremely jealous. Although Eric banned Donna to appease Quinn, he did not feel good about it.

Quinn and Eric decided to commit themselves to one another. To that end, Quinn broke off contact with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor). Eric did the same for Donna. 

Carter seems on the verge of moving on romantically. On the other hand, Donna is still pining for her "Honey Bear'. 

Eric loves Quinn, but a part of him can not get Donna off his mind. Does that mean trouble for Eric and Quinn's marriage?

Bold and the Beautiful: Eric Forrester - Donna Logan

Pic credit: CBS

Bold and the Beautiful: Does Donna Have a Chance With Eric?

Eric and Quinn believe that his problems in the bedroom have to do with Quinn. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for December suggest Eric is still unable to perform in the bedroom. This is even though Quinn recently assured Eric of her love and commitment. 

Eric's thoughts may turn to Donna. Not only does Donna love Eric, but she can also get a rise out of him. Eric may question his decision to kick Donna out of his life.

Eric's decision hurt Donna, but she accepted it. Ms. Logan let Eric know that she only wants him to be happy. Donna's love seems pure and simple.

Bold and the Beautiful: Eric Forrester - Donna Logan

Pic credit: CBS

Whereas his relationship with Quinn has been complicated from the beginning. Eric has forgiven Quinn for kissing on Ridge and her affair with Carter. 

Not to mention that no one in Eric's family likes Quinn. The couple may have a lot of work to do to save their marriage on B&B.

Is This End for Eric and Quinn on B&B?

Eric Forrester was touched and flattered by Donna Logan's confession of love. However, he loves his wife despite her affair with Carter Walton. 

Quinn Forrester is devoted to Eric even though he can not make love to her. Can Quinn accept a life without passion?

Bold and the Beautiful: Eric Forrester - Quinn Forrester

Pic credit: CBS

The fact that Eric can only get excited by another woman does not bode well for his marriage. If his thoughts turn to Donna, that could be another blow for Eric and Quinn. 

There's a chance that Donna's dream of being with Eric could become a reality. However, Quinn and Eric have survived a lot of ups and downs. Don't count them out yet on The Bold and the Beautiful.