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'90 Day Fiance': Varya Malina Shocks Fans With New BFF

90 Day Fiance alum Varya Malina continues to hustle hard on Instagram amid Geoffrey Paschel's incarceration. The Russian native has been sharing content on her page almost daily, mostly Reels with Geoffrey.

But recently, Varya shocked her followers when she shared a clip with her new BFF, doing what she considered the "Collab of the Year." 

90 Day Fiance: Varya Malina Reveals New BFF

It looks like Varya Malina has found herself a new best friend. The 90 Day Fiance star took to Instagram recently and proudly introduced her, which drew mixed reactions online.

Varya made a short IG Reels with none other than Mary Wallace. The two ladies in Geoffrey Paschel's life seem to get along well, showing no signs of bad blood from the past.

Varya Malina shared clips from her bonding moments with Mary Wallace. The 90 Day Fiance celeb and her new BFF showcased their fun side as they goofed around, seemingly proving to haters that they have buried the hatchet.

"The collab of the year," Varya captioned the post. "When someone hurts you, you can hold onto anger, resentment, and thoughts of revenge or embrace forgiveness and move forward. The latter gives your soul the desired peace."

90 Day Fiance: Varya Malina - Mary Wallace

Pic credit: Varya Malina/Instagram

Fans Left Scratching Their Heads Over Varya and Mary's Friendship

Many were left scratching their heads after seeing Varya Malina's post with Mary Wallace. The 90 Day Fiance stars have a not-so-friendly past because of Geoffrey Paschel.

One of their most memorable moments was when Varya suddenly showed up at Geoffrey's house to rekindle their romance, only to be greeted by Mary at the door. It did not sit well with both ladies, and they ended up in a heated confrontation.

Since then, fans think the two have been competing for Geoffrey's love and attention. Some 90 Day Fiance viewers criticized Varya for ruining Mary's chance at love with Geoffrey. She suddenly returned to his life as if she didn't reject his proposal.

Others think Mary is trying hard to be Geoffrey's woman, despite their multiple failed attempts at romance. Despite everything, Mary remains a good friend of Geoffrey. She was even in the courtroom crying when he got his guilty verdict.

90 Day Fiance: Varya Malina - Mary Wallace

Pic credit: Varya Malina/Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Is The Show Fake?

Varya Malina and Mary Wallace's closeness is definitely a far cry from how they were portrayed on the show. The two ladies were at each other's throats on 90 Day Fiance, showing no signs of being friendly at each other.

This led to speculations that the show faked part of their storyline. This isn't the first time the franchise received such accusations, some from the cast members themselves.

So far, Varya Malina and Mary Wallace have yet to comment more on their supposed close friendship. Head back to Showbiz Army for more 90 Day Fiance news and updates.